Can I take more than the recommended dosage?

Can I take more than the recommended dosage?

No, Anorectant No.10 is an extremely powerful supplement. 
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    • Can I take more than the recommended dosage?

      Yes, but more than a double dosage (6 caps a day) is not recommended.
    • Can women take Test Stack No.17?

      No, this is not a product for women; however, many women do take a smaller dosage and also report the increased psyche in the gym as well as the libido enhancement. 
    • How do I take Anorectant No.10?

      There are 90 capsules per bottle with a recommended dosage of 2 capsules per day.  This is a highly effective, extremely powerful supplement. Both men and women should begin dosing of 1 capsule right before their first meal. After building tolerance, ...
    • Can Women take Anorectant No.10?

      Yes men and women can take it. Women should continue with only 1 capsule per day as it is very strong. The reason men can add a second capsule is primarily due to their height and weight ratio compared to that of women.  
    • How do I take Test Stack No.17?

      Test Stack No.17 is best taken on a consistent daily basis. Just take the pills morning, mid-day and evening, or take two in the morning and one in the evening and you're good to go. Most guys prefer it before a workout for the increased surge in ...