How should I train while I take it?

How should I train while I take it?

Train as you always do, but you will feel like you want train harder and lift heavier due to the increased strength and focus. If you are looking to gain muscle mass, remember, you need to increase the weight you lift at the gym – this will increase your strength. And increases in your strength always lead to increases in size.
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    • How should I train while taking it?

      You can train as you were. With Anorectant No. 10 you will be able to work out harder due to the increased energy. Having a workout that includes high intensity routines will help burn the unwanted fat alongside Anorectant No. 10.  
    • Can women take Test Stack No.17?

      No, this is not a product for women; however, many women do take a smaller dosage and also report the increased psyche in the gym as well as the libido enhancement. 
    • Can Women take Anorectant No.10?

      Yes men and women can take it. Women should continue with only 1 capsule per day as it is very strong. The reason men can add a second capsule is primarily due to their height and weight ratio compared to that of women.  
    • How do I take Test Stack No.17?

      Test Stack No.17 is best taken on a consistent daily basis. Just take the pills morning, mid-day and evening, or take two in the morning and one in the evening and you're good to go. Most guys prefer it before a workout for the increased surge in ...
    • Do I take Anorectant No.10 with food?

      Yes we recommend taking 1 capsule right before your first meal.  If you are taking 2 capsules, you can take 1 in the am with food and the second, mid to early afternoon.