Why the name Test Stack No.17?

Why the name Test Stack No.17?

The legal testosterone accelerator Test Stack No.17 was developed by Dr. Field Farrar, a successful research gastroenterologist at a major university hospital. He's definitely not part of the evil supplement industry. He developed Test Stack No.17 to help his own low test levels. Out of 20 different formulas that he studied, the stack of nutraceuticals in the 17th version raised testosterone the most. That's where the name Test Stack No.17 came from.

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    • Do I take Test Stack No.17 with food?

      Taking Test Stack No.17 with or without food is fine, just not on a completely empty stomach or right in the middle of a big meal.
    • Does Test Stack No.17 contain Winstrol, Masteron or HGH?

      No matter what you have heard, Test Stack No.17 does not contain Winstrol, Masteron, or HGH. However, almost immediately, you will experience many of the similar benefits without the harmful side effects.
    • When will Test Stack No.17 be back in stock?

      Test Stack No.17 is expensive and complicated to produce. Due to its complicated structure, Test Stack No.17 must be made in the laboratory in small batches. Unfortunately, this means that supply exceeds demand and the result is that it is frequently ...
    • Test Stack No.17 increases my ejaculate volume and potency

      A majority of our customers report both enhanced penile engorgement and erectile strength, as well as a dramatically increased libido (sex drive) and overall general mood improvement. TS17 contains Cnidium Monnieri, Ligusticum, and Xanthoparmelia ...
    • How do I take Test Stack No.17?

      Test Stack No.17 is best taken on a consistent daily basis. Just take the pills morning, mid-day and evening, or take two in the morning and one in the evening and you're good to go. Most guys prefer it before a workout for the increased surge in ...