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            Can Test Stack No.17 help you burn fat or lose weight? If so how?

            Test Stack No.17 is unlike anything else on the market.  It’s a unique combination of ingredients that are designed to increase the natural production of testosterone within the body.  It doesn’t add testosterone, instead, it allows your own hormonal system to create more of its own.  And along with that improved increase in testosterone comes all the benefits -- greater strength, more muscle, less fat, increased libido and improved erectile function. In other words, it makes a man more like a man.

            According to a study presented at the 1999 Endocrine Society conference in San Diego, California, it was shown that elevating testosterone production in men was found to be effective for fat loss in me. The participants lost an average of six percent of their body fat after eight weeks even though the increase in their testosterone levels was relatively small.

            Most impressive about this study was that the result was obtained in young, normal healthy men (aged 18 to 45), not obese or testosterone deficient men. From this, one can extrapolate that an increase in testosterone levels like the increase from Test Stack No.17 would have an even more profound fat burning effect on obese men and testosterone deficient men. Furthermore, testosterone’s strong mechanism for fat loss comes in addition to the extra fat burned from the increased metabolic rate from increased muscle mass and the increased drive you will experience.

            Updated: 10 Oct 2018 02:18 AM
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