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            I see tribulus in a lot of testosterone boosters, yet Test Stack No.17 doesn’t have it. Why not?

            To be frank, every other ingredient we use performs better than tribulus at increasing luteinized hormone (your body’s signal messenger to produce more testosterone) resulting in more bio-available testosterone, so we saw no reason to use something inferior. The effects of tribulus are slight, but most companies use it because, well… it’s better than nothing…and, to be honest, they really don’t know any better. Tribulus was discovered over 20 years ago. It sorta works – a little – on some -- so that’s what they use and that’s what you get – a little temporary boost. But Test Stack No.17 is light years ahead of tribulus. Out of 20 variations tested, version 17 contains all the state of the art ingredients to boost your testosterone far beyond anything else out there.
            Updated: 10 Oct 2018 02:17 AM
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